Family Class Visa

Family Class Visa

Moving to another country with your family is no longer a concern. Jolez Consults offers you the convenience of hassle-free family visa services. Reuniting with family is a well-known immigration option that many nations offer. Taking into mind all of the situations, Jolez Consults has designed the family visa immigration service under the umbrella of Family Class Visa services.

A family visit visa indicates that a person is permitted to enter the nation that “issued” the visa, subject to the approval of an immigration authority at the time of arrival. The authorization may be in the form of a paper, although it is most usually in the form of a stamp validated in the applicant’s passport.

A family visa allows you to reside and travel from one nation to another with your entire family. The presence of one or more family members in a certain nation allows the rest of the family to immigrate there as well. The family reunion policies at Jolez Consults are designed to respect a family’s right to live together. The family visa service is in charge of all immigration rules.

Spousal immigration is another option for family reunification or marital immigration in which one spouse immigrates to the nation of the other spouse. We assist you in reuniting with your family and loved ones in order to join your relatives overseas. If your family has Permanent Residency or Citizenship, all you need to file the application is a sponsorship letter from your relative or blood relative, along with other prerequisites. As a result, the sponsorship letter helps the operation of the family immigration process.

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